“Ms. Leventhal skillfully integrates visual arts…with language arts acquisition, consistent with content standards in English Language Development and Language Arts as reflected in students’ written journal responses, classroom participation, standardized test scores, oral presentations, and community events. Her programs at the school have contributed to our receiving the 2004 Bravo Award. Ms. Leventhal will bring substantial knowledge, commitment and experience…”

— Beth Bythrow, Principal,
Multnomah Street Elementary, LAUSD

From the students:

“The Eagle symbolizes freedom. As a Navajo, I see the eagle soaring
over the land of 
my people.”    — Ryan, age 8

 “Tiger Dancer is a colorful mask representing my Filipino-Chinese culture. We have a festival called Chinese New Year and a Lion Dance. My mask looks like the dancer at the end of the dance…”    — Antoinette, age 11

“I am African-American…I looked at a book on African masks, then I used my imagination. I had a lot of challenges: I realized I could do a lot of problem-solving. In making my mask, I learned a lot of self control…”    — Joshua, age 14

“I am part of the Aztec culture. My mask helps me express my thoughts and feelings about my culture…”    — Jasmine, age 10